River delta Wikipedia

The jet described in the preceding paragraph is a good model of a river entering a fresh-water lake or reservoir. But, as we all know, the ocean is salty, and, because it’s salty its density is significantly greater, by an important few percent, than that of fresh water. That impedes vertical mixing of the jet [...]

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University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index Wikipedia

The survey questions consumers on their views of their own personal finances, as well as the short-term and long-term state of the U.S. economy. Each survey contains approximately 50 core questions, and each respondent is contacted again for another survey six months after completing the first one. The Michigan CSI has grown from its inception to [...]

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How Does Stripe Work?

This is the case with virtually all payment service providers (PSPs). Instead, their accounts are aggregated together into one large merchant account. To better understand what this means, read our feature on what payment service providers do. When you sign up for Stripe, you do not receive a dedicated merchant account. Instead, Stripe aggregates payments [...]

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