Azure AI Engineers create and manage cutting-edge tools in Azure to automate and let machines do some of the heavy thinking. You’re a data-obsessed engineer who wants to work behind the curtain, propping up the systems that keep data safe and get it where it needs to go quickly. You like the idea of keeping an ever-steady eye on compliance standards and figuring out things like bottlenecks and a data retention policy.

There’s never been a better time to develop cloud skills in Microsoft Azure and level up your career. Microsoft offers a collection of self-paced content for all certification levels and specialty exams. These online learning paths contain videos and lessons that help you prepare for the certification exam. They are free to complete, or you can enroll in instructor-led classes for a fee. You can find Azure courses and trainings online from a variety of providers. Coursera offers training courses on Azure, including the AZ-900 exam prep specialization, covering cloud computing, Azure tools and services, security, cloud governance, and more.

Who is an Azure Cloud Engineer?

The Azure training will help you develop the skills to design identity and governance solutions, data storage solutions, business continuity solutions, and infrastructure solutions. This cert is for candidates with expertise designing, implementing, and monitoring cloud-native applications that store and manage data. This examination takes a review of all the earlier examinations with the purpose of certifying the candidate for all the abilities and skills required to become a Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineer. The certification validates that the candidate is capable of designing, communicating, collaborating, implementing, coding, creating automation, monitoring, and delivering various aspects of Microsoft Azure. The candidates who want to get through this examination need to have a high level of proficiency with Agile practices and Azure development and operation processes. Azure certifications are in high demand as the need for cloud computing technology rises.

azure cloud engineer certification

It provides companies and organizations with the software and programs needed for processes, such as analytics, data storage, computing, networking, and security. Cloud providers like Microsoft offer an affordable option for businesses to utilize the cloud without building and maintaining their own cloud infrastructure. To successfully meet the expectations of these roles and stay competitive in the field, many cloud professionals opt to gain IT and cloud certifications. Learn more about Microsoft certifications, the benefits of gaining Azure certifications, and which certification path to choose for your career.

Is getting a Cloud Engineer certification worth it?

AI has quickly gone from the stuff of science fiction to an increasingly sought-after skill set. This cert shows you’re a step ahead of the curve and ready for a long, fruitful career (even after our robotic overlords have replaced all food with a flavorless life-sustaining sludge). You’ll architect and run AI tools using natural language processing, speech, computer vision, bots, and agents. Database administrators and data management specialists who manage on-prem and cloud relational databases cooked up with SQL Server and Microsoft Azure Data Services. This Microsoft Azure certification for beginners of both technical and non-technical backgrounds serves as proof that you get the basics of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in Azure. To leave the Mushroom Kingdom behind and put it more simply, certifications help you get ahead by acting as an achievement or trophy.

  • Azure cloud engineers need to understand networking concepts and how they apply to the internet.
  • Each Azure certification lists recommended skills to obtain before attempting the exam.
  • AI Engineers, Data Scientists, Developers, and Solutions Architects who have a basic understanding of AI and ML and Azure services related to them.
  • It effectively manages various programming languages along with their specific tools and frameworks.

Get started on your path to your next Azure certification with a prep class. For example, if you’re a beginner, you can enroll in Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 Exam Prep Specialization. This training is self-paced and contains an applied learning project. You can also take courses within that specialization, like azure cloud engineer Introduction to Azure Cloud Services. In conclusion, the Microsoft Azure Certification requires the candidates to pass through various levels of validations and certifications. It is the most demanded certification in the IT world and would require sincere efforts and commitment of the candidates to go through it.

Business Analyst Masters Course

A Microsoft azure certification can enable you to pursue a wide range of career options. You can become a cloud architect, a developer, or a solution architect. In addition, the certification enables you to work in various industries at different locations. Microsoft Azure is an open cloud platform used by businesses to support their digital operations.

azure cloud engineer certification

What do those mean for you and your cloud certification quest? With a couple of exceptions, you don’t necessarily need to clear one level to move up to the next level. Explore the top Cloud Engineer certifications that are important to a successful career. Davinder Passed his post-graduation with merit, he was the first one to submit his project on time, He is highly skilled in typing and research work. He is having more than 16 years of working experience as a freelance technical writer on creating keyword-rich content for clients in various technology. You should be skilled at networking fundamentals, like name resolution and network protocols.

Certification levels

Apply for the opportunities that you feel are the best and start your professional journey. Our learning paths—with video courses, hands-on labs, and quizzes—will guide you from ‘just getting started’ to ‘exam ready’. I think Cloud Academy’s learning paths are a great resource for certification prep. You get to learn about the platform in a deep and comprehensive way, and you get to practice what you’ve learned in the video courses with the quiz questions. Cloud engineers must be able to communicate technical concepts to non-technical people.

  • Let’s start by understanding the DP-200 examination.
  • Get started on your path to your next Azure certification with a prep class.
  • Microsoft Azure Certification is high in demand certification in the technological world and considered as a ticket to get an excellent job in a reputed company.
  • KnowledgeHut Microsoft Windows Azure Platform Architecture certification will help you gain insights on designing solutions for business continuity.